Corporate Finance Advisory

ValueTrack offers financial advisory activities for SMEs in the field of:

Initial Public Offerings: pre-IPO feasibility studies and assessment, selection and management of IPO consortium, equity story definition, and pre-marketing activities.

M&A deals: analysis of synergies, evaluation of the most appropriate financial & corporate structure for the transaction, business due diligence, negotiation of economic conditions and relevant contracts.


Valuation Assessment

Insightful financial research and information memorandum writing, aimed at:

Capital raising activity

Access and marketing to Investors

Value Track offers in-depth and thorough financial research, which is key to successfully connecting issuing companies and investors, leading to mutual benefits. On the one hand, issuers can diversify their financing channels while on the other hand, investors can make sound investment decisions. And market efficiency improves as information asymmetry decreases.

Valuation of a whole company / specific company assets / single securities using appropriate valuation methodologies with regard to:

Corporate development deals (M&A, IPO)

Disposal of majority / minority equity stakes

Independent and free of conflicts of interest, Value Track can enhance its sound technical skills and experience to provide rational, verifiable, consistent valuation opinions to its clients whenever they are in need to take investment decisions, comply with laws or regulations, verify compliance with applicable accounting principles.


Financial Analysis and Planning

Financial Analysis and Planning activity with regard to:

Business plan drafting

Benchmarking vs. comparable companies

Independent Business Plan Review

Feasibility studies of proposed ventures

ValueTrack supports clients in building from scratch or refining their investment projects and business models enriching them with a consistent and detailed financial plan.


Investor relations advisory

ValueTrack offers investor relations advisory and investor access in terms of:

Investor relations strategy set-up, handling the investor relations timetable, the investment case validation, and providing support to corporate presentation, factsheet and press release drafting, thus developing a sufficiently broad investor base, and setting up a pipeline of new potential investors.

Roadshows, lunch presentations, one-to-one meetings organizationin Italy, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland.